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Throughout history, humans have immortalized their traditions, ideas, joys and sorrows through writing and shared, with each other and other societies, progress and change in history and politics through a multitude of means ranging from burial inscriptions and votive offerings, to peace accords and myths. Whispers of Lost Languages thus invites you to embark upon the mythical and mysterious journey of writing and language, the litmus paper of the stages humanity went through from the past to the present…  
With the mission and vision it upholds since in inauguration, Rezan Has Museum has meticulously maintained its endeavors to value, preserve, and transmit to future generations the great assets Turkey holds as the cradle of countless civilizations. Created in light of the striking epigraphic finds discovered in Anatolia as well as the works preserved in our museum collection, this online exhibition not only presents a plethora of information extending from cultural interactions to religious faiths, and from trade relations to social concepts defining daily life in the process of humankind’s civilization, but it also touches upon countless topics of the ancient world shaped by extinct, endangered or living languages, while presenting many others that have been deciphered or completely lost in the today’s world.

Whispers of Extinct Languages

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